Dave - The Superhero
"Do you think I'd get hurt if I jumped off that roof?"

Dr. Raj - The Doctor
"End this insane experiment today!"

Xela - The Friend
"Dude, it's lunchtime.  Are you done hurting yourself yet?"

Katie - Producer
"It's not going to happen. A shark tank just isn't in the budget, Dave."

Jason - Cameraman
"Can we get him to jump off again? There's a better angle over there."

Lilah - The Girl
"Superheroes are dreamy."

Lila - The Filmmaker
"Did we get that shot?  Good. Someone want to check if Dave is okay?"

Richard - Sound Guy
"Can we unplug that fridge?"

Moshe - The Rabbi
"There's no real way to tell. But I think God would be cool with it."

Bill - Physics Professor
"That's unethical.  I can't manipulate your DNA and turn you into a cheetah."